Panic Bar Installation & Repair

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    Panic Bar Installation & Repair Services

    Fires and earthquakes are emergencies in which easy-to-unlock doors are life-saving.

    In commercial establishments with large crowds, panic bars are the most popular doors among business owners.

    Panic bars are metal bars that are fixed horizontally to the door.

    By pressing the metal bar, it releases the latch and allows the door to be opened quickly.

    As such, panic bar doors use a metal bar as a lock instead of the typical doorknob.

    It is advisable to use panic bars in all commercial settings, including offices, schools, and shops.

    Pushing a bar is more convenient than turning a doorknob, especially for heavily trafficked doors.

    If you haven’t installed one in your building, call us today!

    Valley North Locksmith Company offers a variety of locksmith services, including panic bar installation and repair.

    Our commercial locksmiths are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to all your locking system needs.

    Take advantage of our services today!

    Panic Bar Installation

    There are some projects we can handle on our own, but a panic door is not one of them.

    A panic bar installation is not a task that any DIYer can perform.

    In this case, it would be wise to hire an expert commercial locksmith.

    The mechanism of panic bar doors is more complicated than you think.

    It requires the technical skills and advanced equipment of a professional locksmith.

    And hiring individuals without the necessary skills and proper tools can lead to damages and errors.

    Take advantage of our comprehensive and tailored panic bar installation services.

    Our years of experience give us an edge in the locksmith industry.

    Panic Bar Repair

    Besides the door itself, you should pay attention to the lock and other components of it as well.

    As customers are expected to enter the building every day, panic bars are constantly under pressure.

    Just like any mechanical hardware, panic bars also suffer damage due to a massive impact.

    And when it’s damaged or broken, it will likely endanger the lives of people in case of emergencies.

    In what ways can you tell if your panic bar door needs to be repaired?

    The following are telling signs you need to call for technical assistance.

    • When you’re trying to push, the metal bar lock becomes stuck
    • The lock does not respond
    • The internal mechanism of the lock is jammed
    • The vertical rod or strike plate and the bolt are misaligned

    Should any of the following or unusual functions be observed, do not hesitate to contact us.

    We use advanced techniques to diagnose faults and to repair the damages.

    Regardless of what type of lock mechanism it is, we have the appropriate tools to complete the job.

    Panic Bar Lock Inspection and Maintenance

    Heavy traffic exposes the panic bar to an array of detrimental elements, reducing its resiliency.

    Thus, it requires regular preventive inspection and maintenance in order to remain seamless and functional.

    A functional panic bar can save lives in an emergency.

    For this reason, we urge you to leave all technical requirements to an expert to ensure its seamless operation.

    Our locksmith is experienced and trained to conduct a detailed and comprehensive inspection.

    Your safety is important to us.

    We will strive to meet your needs by providing you with quality products and services

    Comprehensive Locksmith Services

    Along with panic bar services, we offer a range of locksmith services for homes, cars, and safes.

    It is inconvenient to lose your keys or be locked out.

    It does not only compromise your security, but it also leaves you vulnerable if your keys fall into the wrong hands.

    As such, we made sure that we can meet all your locksmith service needs by offering you the following services.

    • Lock rekeying
    • Deadbolt replacement and installation
    • Lock replacement, installation, and repair
    • Electronic lock set-up and programming
    • Residential lockout opening
    • Car locksmith services
    • Ignition unlocking
    • Safe opening
    • High-security lock installation, repair, and maintenance
    • ..and more

    Our locksmith services are not limited to the ones listed above.

    Speak with us if you want us to provide you with the right services.

    We value your safety and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

    Need 24/7 Locksmith Service?

    Over time, our hardware will deteriorate and lose its tensile strength.

    When it reaches its vulnerable state, it compromises the security of your property.

    However, we’re always available for your calls!

    Our technicians are trained and equipped to work at all hours of the day.

    Valley North Locksmith Company offers the highest quality locksmith services at the most affordable prices.

    Call us and we’ll dispatch our team to your location right away!

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